Potter writer Steve Kloves thought Hermione would die!


In a wide-ranging interview about adapting all but one of the Harry Potter novels for the movies, screenwriter Steve Kloves confessed his greatest difficulty was turning in the first four scripts without knowing how the whole saga would end. "Most of the time I was on the mark," Kloves said. "But once I was way off -- I was convinced Hermione was going to die. And I love Jo [Rowling], but she could be elusive; I think she misled me about that!"

WiFi permitting, I'll be posting portions of my conversation with Kloves while I'm on the road next week. (I'll be away recording a commentary track for a new DVD of Victor Fleming's great silent comedy, "Mantrap.") Kloves is delighted, even moved by how well the series' final entries have turned out. He feels that the director, David Yates, "just kept getting better and better."

Potter movie and book fans, how do you feel?

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