O'Malley's victory by the numbers

With most precincts reporting, there's some pretty interesting trends in the 2010 gubernatorial election results.

It it tempting to look at Gov. Martin O'Malley's double digit lead over challenger former Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich as a sweeping mandate for the incumbent's policies. But figures from the Board of Elections show the voters more likely soured on Ehrlich.

O'Malley picked up 25,000 more votes this year than four years ago, not bad in a year where voters were supposed to be angry at Democrats and incumbents. But Ehrlich's numbers are starker: He appears to have turned off 92,000 who supported him in 2006 (the number could change slightly as more precincts report). Turnout was down with 67,000 fewer people casting ballots.

Looking quickly at county by county results it's clear where O'Malley picked up his support: He earned 27,000 more votes in Prince George's County than last time. Ehrlich, on the other hand, lost big in the DC suburbs. He had 30,000 fewer votes in Montgomery County this year and and 18,000 fewer votes in Prince Georges.

Interestingly both men had fewer votes in Baltimore County this year compared with 2006. Ehrlich came in with 11,000 fewer; O'Malley with 3,500 fewer votes there.

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