McClain asserts again he did not spit on Crowder, at least intentionally

A day after Miami Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder accused Baltimore Ravens running back Le'Ron McClain of spitting in his face, the two players -- as well as their coaches and teammates -- continued to trade barbs debating both the size and the intent of the alleged expectorate.

Video of the incident was studied and analyzed by players, coaches, fans and media alike, with a frame-by-frame analysis once reserved for more serious matters like the Zapruder Film. Even McClain admitted he had watched video of the altercation several times, from several angles, but he continued to assert that he did not spit on Crowder.

At least intentionally anyway. McClain did hedge a bit on the outright denial he offered in the locker room Sunday. Some of his saliva probably landed on Crowder, McClain said, but he contended he didn't believe it happened until Monday morning, when a family member sent him a video that seemed to offer proof something happened. McClain implied that flecs of saliva were flying in both directions during their heated exchange, one of many they he and Crowder had throughout the game.

"Nothing against him, but I did not spit on the guy," McClain said. "We had words back and forth. We said a few things we probably didn't want to say to one another. But there was no spitting involved. I'm not that type of player. I don't know why he got mad."

McClain said he didn't think the incident would affect his reputation around the league.

"There's nothing I can do," McClain said. "All I can do is tell them to just watch film of No. 33 every week. I'm just getting ready for Atlanta. You can say what you want about me. I'm a great guy. I've never been a guy like that. They need to check him, not me. He said stuff to me I didn't want to hear, I said stuff to him that he didn't want to hear, but it's football. After the game, all props to him and his team. Nothing against him, but I'm onto Atlanta. If they want to stick with this the whole week, they can, but I'm playing Thursday night, man."

Ray Lewis said he went to McClain after the game and asked him if he spit on Crowder, and he was satisfied with McClain's denial.

"I just went to him and just asked him if he did it or he did not," Lewis said. "Once you get an answer, you move on."

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