City bans Four Loko and other caffeine-alcohol drinks

Baltimore's health commissioner has decided to ban caffeine-infused alcohol drinks such as Four Loko on the heels of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's determination that the drinks are unsafe. (read the story here.)

The ban, which takes effect Thursday at 5 p.m., gives the city the ability to fine retailers and bars that still sell the drinks.

Those merchants already needed to take the stuff off the shelves because of the FDA ban and because of an agreement with Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot made with retailers.

Four Loko's maker Phusion Projects said it should have all its drinks off shelves by Dec. 13.

These drinks are specifically listed in the ban: Four Loko, Core High Gravity HG Green, Core High Gravity HG Orange, Lemon Lime Core Spiked, Moonshot, FourLoko, Joose and Max.

The ban does NOT impact on other drinks where caffeine is naturally occuring such espresso vodka. It also doesn't impact craft beers or mixed drinks.

Is this fair? Do you drink Four Loko and how does it impact you?

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