Annapolis Chorale to present trim new version of 'Don Giovanni'

In all the talk about opera in Baltimore, some of us tend to forget about opera in Annapolis. So here's a reminder.

Mozart turns out to be a big focus this season in the state capital -- more precisely, at the Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts. This weekend, the Annapolis Chorale presents a new, trimmed down version of "Don Giovanni" performed in English. And in March, Annapolis Opera offers "The Marriage of Figaro."

As for "Giovanni," the chorale's music director, J. Ernest Green, describes his project this way:

"I began to wonder what would happen if the orchestra became the orchestra that was playing in Don Giovanni’s villa. They would be part of the action. Then … what would happen to the story if we made some minor adjustments to Da Ponte’s libretto to compress the action into one day? When I figured out how to make these things work, the rest of the project began to fall into place."

Greene will conduct this presentation, which features the chorale, the Annapolis Chamber Orchestra and a cast that includes Shouvik Mondle , Fatinah Tilfah and Jimi James.


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