Wargotz's hip-hop Hail Mary

Wa-aay behind in the polls, the Republican who's trying to unseat Democrat Sen. Barbara Mikulski has resorted to a most unusual Hail Mary pass.

Dr. Eric Wargotz has posted a video of his three kids — Jacob, 13; Samuel, 11; and Leila, 9 — singing a campaign rap song. (See it on YouTube under "Wargotz-Mikulski Rap.")

Here's a snippet: "Yo, what's up now, my brothers and sisters / Let me tell you 'bout a very smart mister / His name is Eric Wargotz and he's running for Senate / U.S., that is. And he's in it to win it."

Maybe this is part of that hip-hop makeover RNC chief and former Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele vowed to bring the GOP. It is certainly, as Steele promised, "off the hook."

(You can check out the video after the jump.)

Wargotz told me his kids thought up the song themselves.

"They wanted to do something to help, and like most kids these days, they like rap, they like hip-hop," he said. "I was flattered. They surprised me with it."

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