The Laughing Pint: Your No. 1 Baltimore Bar

It's not Charles Village Pub. Or Brewer's Art, as many readers snarkily predicted it would be. Instead no. 1 on our list of Baltimore's best bars is the quintessential neighborhood bar, The Laughing Pint. 

The Laughing Pint embodies many qualities some of the other city bars possess. It's personable - owner Shannon Cassidy bartends regularly; it appeals to both natives and arrivistes. And most importantly, it's a melting pot. It invites mingling.

Readers will inevitably disagree. One of the challenges of lists like this is that popular places are left out. In Baltimore, it's especially challenging to rank bars because there's no deficit of good ones.

But in writing the list, we didn't just consider the places with the best cocktails -- B&O American Brasserie placed tenth -- or the diviest -- Leon's got no. 32. We looked at character, the bar's history, and where it fits in the city's colorful scene. We also wanted to be inclusive, ranking bars from several different neighborhoods that cater to varied crowds.

Readers have named some of the bars they think were left out in several different posts. This might be the place to compile them all in one location. The floor is yours.

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