Now the recovery begins

Preparing for a race distance that's sometimes blamed for deaths can be tough, but what comes after the race is almost as important. Once the celebrations have died down, runners have to figure out a way to reconcile their previous training with whatever comes next.

Thankfully, a blog hosted by our sister paper in Chicago has gone over some options for recovering from the conveniently timed marathon in that city. Most of it can apply equally to recovery from the Under Armour Baltimore Marathon (more coverage here). Here's what they've posted:

>> Immediate recovery

>> Recovery: Day 2

>> Recovery: Weeks 2-16

I wish I had followed this advice more thoroughly after last year's marathon. By not cross-training, I risked injury, but just as importantly, I stopped enjoying what I was doing for a period of a few months. Sometimes a controlled deviation into other interests can be a good thing, especially if you've just had a huge dose of one thing.

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