Lot H at M&T Bank Stadium -- the Gilman Grillers

Lots G and H are on the east side of M@T Bank Stadium. Among its assets are the shady areas under the viaducts near the Sharp Street basketball courts and its proximity to a Light Rail stop. (It's not uncommon for fans to take the Light Rail down to join tailgates in progress.)

Ask around, and you hear about the superstars of Lots G and H. Just across the border into Lot H, a group composed mostly of old Gilman buddies has been tailgating since the beginning.

Willis MacGill was beside himself for having left the house without the geese and ducks he usually brings. But Gian Alecce was behind the Weber Ranch Kettle --3 feet in diameter -- handling the beef tenderloin, sausage, and pork tenderloin.

The secret to his amazing beef tenderloin -- it begins with an overnight marinade in olive oil and basil, and then a pre-grilling application of black pepper and sea salt. Then, every time he flips the tenderloin on the grill, he coats it with butter. It's a New Orleans thing.


Baltimore Sun/Gabe Dinsmoor

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