Largest drug bust in Baltimore County not the largest after all

The news release described it as the "largest drug bust in Baltimore County history." Police seized a warehouse full of marijuana -- 478 plants and 640 pounds of of the drug, along with grow systems, venting and a truck and a trailer in a warehouse on Canton Center Drive.

I don't mind the county cops, or any cops, hyping a good bust. But to call this the largest drug bust in county history is quite a stretch. They apparently forgot about the 2001 seizure by the U.S. Customs Service of 2 tons of reefer hidden in air-tight compartments built into 86 pieces of furniture that had been shipped to the Maryland Port in Dundalk in 2001.

Maybe this week's arrest of the couple was the biggest drug bust in Baltimore County police history, but the cops quickly toned down their release between the time they send it out Thursday morning and held a news conference later that afternoon. Then authorities described the bust as "one of the largest seizures of illicit drugs."

One half of couple arrested in this case -- Joseph Jesus Guadagnoli, 39, and Megan Bailey Veitch, 28 -- had been in trouble before. Gaudagnoli had been arrested in 2007 after a 9-month investigation involving federal and local authorities. At that time, police said they seized $230,000 worth of marijuana that was growing there. He ended up receiving five years in prison, but all but 9 months of the sentence was suspended, which he served at home with an ankle bracelet.

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