Crap, is it Monday already?

The word of the week is chthonic. Make it your own. And here is the gallery of the previous words of the week.

That’s words of the week, not word of the weeks. I mention this because I heard someone on the Today show this morning refer to mother-in-laws.

If you missed the post over the weekend, there’s still time for you to make suggestions for improvement—and there is room for plenty—to the Associated Press Stylebook. On Twitter, @GRAMMARHULK has already weighed in with “HULK HAVE TWO WORDS FOR @APStylebook: SERIAL COMMA.”

And if you find eye, mull, tout, tap, fete, and nab used as verbs in headlines as annoying as I do, and you should, Andy Bechtel has compiled a list that includes these and other offenders. Any headline writer who continues to use them as anything other than a guilty last resort in a single-column choker is displaying a poverty of imagination.

And there is no excuse whatever for using them on websites.



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