Welcome rains top 1 inch in spots

The rain that arrived before dawn on Sunday were not the tropical soaking we really needed. But they did top 1 inch in a few places in Central Maryland, and for that anyone with a farm or a garden or a lawn is really grateful.

"JS" left this comment on the Weather Blog: "People [at] work were cheering because it rained, it was headlines in Frederick, for us, the first rainfall in 29 days, 0.5 inches. Still about 7 inches short but we'll take anything...."

Here's how the Frederick News-Post sees the drought in Western Maryland. And here are a few more two-day totals from across the region, from the CoCoRaHS network:

Pasadena:  1.31 inches

Annapolis:  1.22 inches 

Bowie:  1.14 inches

Hamilton (Baltimore City): 0.94 inch

BWI-Marshall: 0.83 inch

Towson:  0.82 inch

Ellicott City:  0.81 inch

Jacksonville:  0.66 inch

College Park:  0.63 inch

Easton:  0.63 inch

Westminster:  0.52 inch

Bel Air:  0.35 inch

How badly do we need rain? The Weather & Crops report for last week showed 83 percent of the state's subsoil and topsoil were "short" or "very short" of moisture. 

Forty-seven percent of the pasture was in "poor" or "very poor" condition. Forty-six percent of the state's corn, 40 percent of the soybeans were in similar straits.

Thirty-three percent of the state last week was in "moderate" to "severe" drought. Streamflow was in the lowest 10th percentile in eight of 24 monitoring sites in Maryland - all in Western Maryland and the Lower Eastern Shore. Groundwater was in the lowest 10th percentile in wells in Allegany, Charles, Wicomico and Somerset counties. 

So how did you greet the rain? Giddy dancing in the garden? Wild puddle-splashing in the streets? An extra two hours of sleep (like me)? Drop us a comment.

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