Tyson's Tavern in Fells Point up for sale, might close

Tyson's Tavern in Fells Point might close if owners don't find buyers, owner Dean Zlomke tells Midnight Sun.

Zlomke says the recession has slowed down business too much to justify keeping the bar open. He put it up for sale two weeks ago. If he doesn't find a buyer, the tavern might close.

"It's been a brutal summer," Zlomke says. "I'm not in a tourist area. A lot of people go away to the beach, do day trips, do other things, and for a local businesses it's been tough because of that."

Two other Fells Point bars - beloved Friends and DuClaw Brewing Company's location in the area - closed in the last year.

Zlomke and Tom Dinsmore opened Tyson's three and a half years ago, replacing a traditional British pub. They added some 30 microbrews and an expanded wine list.

The space had previously been a middle eastern restaurant, and an Italian joint before that. But 2112 Fleet Street is much more historic than that. Zlomke says it's where the original Natural Brewing Co. brewery was located.

Tyson's holds some 100 people and includes a bar and a restaurant. Zlomke's been in the hospitality business for some 30 years, and he says this is the worst summer he's ever seen.

In addition to Friends, Rafters in South Baltimore and ESPN Zone in Inner Harbor have also shut down.

Photo: Sun photog Barbara Haddock Taylor

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