The Florida pastor, Sept. 11 and the restaurant meal deal

The Rev. Terry Jones, the pyromaniacal Florida pastor whose on-again, off-again plan to burn the Quran on Sept. 11 has sparked violent protests around the world, has inspired something else right here in Baltimore: a half-price entree deal.

Details are laid out in an e-mail I just received from Sotto Sopra:

"Riccardo Bosio, a spirited and emotional soul, was so outraged by the Florida pastor and his threat to burn a holy book he posted on his Facebook page the following: 'Sotto Sopra Restaurant, in the name of religious reconciliation is offering 50% off entrees for anyone coming to dinner with their own holy book on September 11."

The message continues:

"'This is a direct response to the moronic idea of the pastor who decided to undermine the beauty of religious wisdom and freedom! Faith is sacred, no matter who is preaching it!'

"September 11th is a sad day in this nation’s history, a day when we should reflect and see how we can make the world a better place. We at Sotto Sopra can’t help reacting to the craziness of late; threats of burning the Quran and religious indignation.

"At Sotto Sopra we believe that all people, all religions have a place at our tables and we welcome everyone. The table is a sacred place, where people of diversity can share and discuss beliefs, their daily joys, disappointments and dreams. Sotto Sopra would like to brighten this somber day, Saturday, September 11th - Come to the table, start a discussion, bring family, friends - lets all break bread together and celebrate our freedoms."


The Rev. Terry Jones, the Florida pastor whose threat to burn the Quran has inspired a Sotto Sorpra dining deal. Getty Images


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