So you think the Orioles may need power?

This series in Toronto is a perfect example of how hitting the long ball can make a real difference.

In two games against the Blue Jays the Orioles have had 24 hits including six doubles. They have had one homer and scored eight runs.

The Blue Jays have had 13 hits in those two games and no doubles. But they have hit seven home runs and have scored 10 runs. They've won both games, 5-4.

On the season, the Jays have hit 241 homers, most in the majors. The Orioles have hit 131 -- 110 fewer than Toronto -- which is 10th of 14 clubs in the American League.

Orioles manager Buck Showalter was asked before Saturday's game whether playing Toronto puts an intense light on the Orioles' deficiencies in the power department.

Diplomatically, this is what he said: "I am not in the 'We’ve got to have this, we’ve got to have that' mode right now. ... That’s for another time. ... We want to make sure our answers aren’t in our backyard before we start coveting our neighbors’ people, so to speak."

Read between the lines and the answer is yes, this team needs a power hitter or two for 2011.

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