Last finalists revealed on 'America's Got Talent'

Chris in KS is back with the AGT results:

Hello, everyone, and welcome back to AGT the results. Tonight we will find out the final 5 contestants that will be competing in the finals. It should be exciting and could be controversial, so let’s get to it!

Debra Romer, Michael Grasso, Murray, and Nathaniel Kenyon are the first four acts that are called up to the stage. No question about it, the wife and I think that Michael Grasso will be moving on from this group. Piers says that any of the four acts in any other year could have been finalists, but the talent last night was so sensational that this year is different, but put on the spot, he thinks that Michael will be moving on. After making us wait for a year and a half to tell us who it will be, Nick finally announces that Michael Grasso will indeed be moving on to the finals! Piers says that he is happy to see a wildcard act make it through because Michael was able to step it up from his disappointment in the Vegas round.

After the commercial break we get to watch an act by Le Reve who does a show in Vegas at the Wynn. It is an act that sort of reminds you of Cirque du Soleil with some of the stunts that they perform. It was really cool to watch and got a huge ovation from the audience.

The next group on stage is Fighting Gravity and Jeremy Vanschoonhoven. Although we both appreciate what Jeremy had to go through to perform his act last night, we think that Fighting Gravity will be moving on. Sharon said she is feeling confused because both of these acts were in her top 5 and doesn’t understand why they are both up on stage right now. After thinking about it again, I think I feel another trick coming on, but I’m not sure. Nick pauses again for five years and tells us that both acts are indeed moving on! Howie said he is thrilled about both acts moving on and says that he is nervous about telling Jeremy to “break a leg” because he might actually go out and do it…

Jason Derulo is on stage after the commercial break singing “Ridin’ Solo” and it totally looks like he’s lip synching. Fast forward!

After the next break as Nick is talking, Jerry Springer walks up behind him and they do some funny bantering and talk about the national tour that is coming up after the show is complete for the season.

Right away the next group is called out on stage, and includes Haspop, Jackie Evancho, and Maestro Alexander Bui. I’m not even bothering asking the wife who she thinks is moving on because it’s that painfully obvious. Howie says that all three performers are amazing in their own right at what they do, but says that he doesn’t know if he’s qualified to say anything about them because he is a cultural ignoramus and puts up a little sign on their table that says “Howie Mandel – Cultural Ignoramus” on it. Of course it’s Jackie Evancho that is moving on to the next round. Piers asks Jackie how it feels to be two songs away from winning $1,000,000 and she says something about helping out animals. Oh, to be young again.

Studio One Young Beast Society, Michael Lipari & Ashleigh Dijon, and Alice Tan Ridley are tonight’s last group out on stage. The wife thinks that Alice Tan Ridley will be moving on, while I think the judges maybe end up going with SOYBS in a surprise move. Nick tells us that first we have to get rid of one act before the judges decide, and that act will be Michael & Ashleigh.

After the deliberation commercial it’s time to hear from the judges. Piers reminds us how heartbreaking this will be for one of these acts. He says that he’s going with the act that he thinks last night really stood out to him, and that is SOYBS. Sharon said that last night Alice was a powerhouse, and that SOYBS had great enthusiasm. Sharon has decided on SOYBS as well! No need to hear from Howie on this one, and good thing since he’s a cultural ignoramus…

There you have it, America, your 10 finalists are Michael Grasso, Fighting Gravity, Jeremy Vanschoonhoven, Jackie Evancho, SOYBS, Christina & Ali, Taylor Mathews, Prince Poppycock, Anna & Patryk, and Michael Grimm.

What did you think of the results tonight? Were you as surprised as the wife was that SOYBS made it in over Alice Tan Ridley? Did Alice just have some bad luck from being the first act to perform last night? Let us know what you think, and see you next week for the finals!

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