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'Big Brother' recap: Closer to the finale

Jeff and Tracey are back to recount tonight's Big Brother:

It is Day 69 in the Big Brother House.  Julie says that the Brigade has orchestrated every eviction in the house.  We don't think Julie is watching the same show we are.  We rejoin Part One of the HoH - they are still swinging on vines and getting water dumped on them.  Enzo falls after 19 minutes.  Lane and Hayden both are trying to win it, since they don't think the other will bring them to the finals.  Lane falls after two hours and 35 minutes and Hayden wins Part One.

Julie gives us the schedule.  Tonight we get jury house and part two, Sunday a clip show, and Wednesday part three, live eviction, jury questioning and the winner, same as last year. We liked the other way better.
We get a segment on Enzo's family in New Jersey.  His wife and mom seem nice and they really love him.  Enzo works two full-time jobs, and likes to spend time with his daughter.  His mom says that Enzo, while he didn't always get good grades, was a happy kid.   Jury House.  Kathy is still really angry at Matt.  Ragan arrives and they watch his DVD.  Afterward, he and Matt go outside to talk and Matt tells him about his wife lie.  Ragan is stunned - boundaries were definitely crossed beyond lying in the game.  Plus, it doesn't help that Matt can't talk without smirking.  The rest of the house comes outside and Ragan tells them he has a PhD and is a professor of communications.  Rachel starts talking to him about communications in the house and it escalates into a huge uncomfortable fight.
Part two of HoH.  There are five "Frankensteined" photos of two houseguests.  One at a time, Lane and Enzo have to correctly identify which two people are in the photo.  Lane gets all five in 1:13.  Enzo gets all five as well, but it takes him 1:43 so Lane moves on to face Hayden in the third part of the HOH.
Clip show Sunday, Finale on Wednesday.  The finale is after the premiere of Survivor, so it is from 9-11.  That is past our bedtime, so it had better be good.


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