A pleasant coincidence

A commenter on the limn kerfuffle uses the occasion to give The Sun a slap in the chops:

“But then of course The Sun is no longer a major newspaper; apparently it's been reduced to using artsy-fartsy terms instead of reporting news.”

You may be amused to notice that this comment appeared on the day that the paper reported that a subcommittee of the United States Senate will hold hearings on police departments’ underreporting of rapes—a hearing prompted, in part, by articles by The Sun’s Justin Fenton on such underreporting in Baltimore. In addition to the Senate proceeding, publication of his articles has led to an investigation by the city and a public apology by the police commissioner.

Disparaging the local paper is as venerable a tradition as explaining in bars how you could run the local sports franchises better than the current management. But even though The Sun plainly has more limited resources than in the era when newspapers across America were fabulously profitable, it is equally apparent that there are still journalists on Calvert Street doing serious work.



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