The Great Gas Lawnmower Trade-in!

Maryland residents are invited to turn in their old gas-powered lawn mowers on Saturday at Camden Yards for discounted electric mowers at The Great Maryland Lawn Mower Exchange event.

Participants at the Mower trade-in event, who must register in advance, will receive up to 66 percent off a new Neuton CE 5 or CE 6 battery-powered mower for trading in their old gas-powered mower.  The Neuton CE 5 mower is normally priced at $399, and will be $135 with the trade-in.  The Neuton CE 6 is normally priced at $499 and will be $175 with the trade-in.  

Lawn mowers and other outdoor gas-powered equipment account for much of Maryland’s air pollution and impact public health.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, a conventional, gas-powered lawn mower can spew more pollution into our air in a year than a car driven more than 20,000 miles. That is why these organizations have come together to help homeowners and gardeners explore “green” gardening. 

The trade-in event will take place at Camden Yards parking lot C in Baltimore from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday. At the event, Maryland residents can drop off their old mower and pick up their electric mower at one convenient location.

Since there are only 1,000 mowers, people are asked to pre-register for the event at

The Great Maryland Lawn Mower Exchange is sponsored by the Maryland Department of the Environment, Clean Air Partners, and Neuton Mowers.



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