Introducing Gameday Warehouse, a new Ravens bar

Ravens pre- and post-gamers now have a new hangout that's much closer to M&T Bank Stadium than anything in Federal Hill.

Gameday Warehouse, a 2,500-square foot bar with a capacity of 750, opened for last week's preseason game at 1400 B Warner St.

Gameday Warehouse, which is being run by CBS Radio, will be open for every home Ravens game. After getting a sneak peek at the new space, I think Gameday Warehouse was a brilliant idea ...

Instead of buying a liquor license and going through that whole rigmarole, organizers applied for single day liquor licenses for each of the home game days. Even if the Ravens tear it up in the playoffs, Gameday Warehouse will only be open a dozen days, at most.

Inside, Gameday Warehouse has wood paneled walls, four bars, several purple booths and lots of standing room. They're leasing the building from the neighboring Second Chance, and salvaged much of the bar's decor from leftover antiques and scrap materials.

The bars are made from oak doors (you can still see the mail slots), and are topped with old pine. A statue of Cecil Calvert stands near one corner, draped in a purple cape with a raven on his right shoulder. And a sign for the old Chug-A-Lug Bar & Grill rests on the other side of the room.

While Gameday Warehouse is a buck or two more expensive than most of the bars in Federal Hill (and exponentially pricier than bringing your own cooler), it's much cheaper than drinking inside the stadium.

Miller Lites and Coors Lights are $4, Yuengling is $5 and bottled water is $2. Shots or cocktails made with name brand liquors like Maker's Mark and Jameson are $9, bombs (Jager, cherry, etc.) are $7 each. The warehouse has food, too: A jumbo lump crab cake is $11, pulled pork sandwiches are $8 and a cheeseburger is $7.

Gameday Warehouse doesn't have a website yet, but they're working it, organizers said. It will be open next for the Ravens-Giants game Aug. 28.

(Photos by me) 

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