Get Out: Silly Bandz Swap Party @ Muggsy's Mug House

The obvious choice for today's Get Out would be Keane at Merriweather Post Pavilion. But I've never been one to take the easy road.*

So instead, I'm going with the Silly Bandz Swap party at Muggsy's Mug House.

In case you've been living on a boat in the Inner Harbor for the past few months, Silly Bandz are these little rubber bracelets that, when you set them down, form various shapes. They're the new Beanie Babies -- only much, much cheaper. Recession Beanie Babies, if you will.

Anyway, Muggsy's is poised to cash in on the trend at tonight's party ...

There will be trading, of course, as well as Silly Bandz shoot-outs and ring toss. Select drafts are $3 and $4 Pinnacle whipped cream vodka and orange juices, which sound strangely appealing. Oh, and then there's "all the awesome you can handle," according to co-owner Danny Young.

I can handle a lot of awesome, Danny. Just sayin'. The fun starts around 8 p.m.

*This is a lie.

(Baltimore Sun photo by Lloyd Fox)

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