Facing lawsuit, Ottobar holds benefit

The Ottobar is holding a benefit show tomorrow to raise money for a lawsuit filed by an injured patron, according to club co-owner Michael Bowen.

The patron, who was struck in the head about two years ago when a club-goer dove off the stage into the crowd, has since recovered from her injuries but is seeking $30,000 to pay for medical bills and time missed from work, Bowen said. At Bowen's request, the plaintiff's name is being withheld from this article.

"I would like to see this young lady get compensated," Bowen said. "I don't have any beef with this woman pursuing the time she missed from work and some of her medial bills. I'm happy she's healthy and fine."...

The Ottobar's insurance company, United America Insurance Group, declared the case "assault and battery" and has refused to pay the fees or settle, Bowen said.

"I'm really annoyed with our insurance company," Bowen said. "It's like, 'God, how can you people live with yourselves?'"

Though the Ottobar has been reeling from the down economy, it's not going out of business anytime soon, Bowen said. He hopes tomorrow's benefit show will raise a few thousand dollars to help offset the costs of the lawsuit. For information about the show, go here.

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