Peekaboo potties from the guy behind Tatu

The guy who's opening Tatu in Power Plant Live! can lay claim to another restaurant innovation: restrooms with see-through doors.

I turned up this tidbit in a 10-year-old article in something called Nation's Restaurant News. It described a restaurant Jody Pennette had opened in Greenwich, Conn.

"Bleu Cafe, co-owned with Tom Torelli, is a hip, French bistro that might seem more at home in not-so-distant New York City's SoHo district than in the heart of this quiet suburban town, nestled among conservative shops," the story reads. "Bleu Cafe boasts such elements as a communal table and glass bathroom doors that turn opaque when they're locked. It is intentionally designed to test the boundaries of residential tolerance for the avant-garde even as the menu offers up more traditional bistro fare."

See-through bathroom doors? Even if they fog up when the stall is in use, is that an appetizing addition to the dining experience?

In the Restaurant News piece, Pennette explains the thinking behind the clear doors and other edgy features.

"Bleu Cafe has got an attitude," he is quoted saying. "It's a funky French bistro, and it's not designed for everyone. ... We didn't round the corners at all. We gave it a hard edge."

I asked Pennette if he planned to bring peekaboo potties to Tatu.

"No not there," he said via e-mail. "We try to keep coming up with different ideas so we're not prone to repeating ourselves however those bathrooms certainly were fun."

AP photo of another sort of clear potty, at the at Ice Gallery in Seoul, South Korea

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