'America's Got Talent': The results are in ...

The biggest talent search in the world continues tonight where we will whittle yet another 12 acts down to 4 more semi-finalists! Hello, and welcome again everyone. It’s Chris in KS back again to bring you the results.

The first group up on stage is Doogie, Mary Ellen and Murray. The wife and I feel this is a no-brainer, and that Murray will be moving on. Howie says that if Mary Ellen goes home, he will miss her, although Piers definitely will not. The results are in, and it’s Murray moving on to the semi-finals! Piers thinks America got it right with choosing Murray, and thinks it’s ironic that the first time he thought Doogie was funny, they sent him home.

After the break we are bombarded with yet another movie placement for The Other Guys (just saw it all before on Big Brother), and then a performance by Taio Cruz. Personally if Piers had Xed his performance I would have loved it!

Taylor Mathews, Da Maniacs, and Lindsey Stirling make up tonight’s second group. The wife says she didn’t really care for any of them, but we are both in agreement that we think Taylor Mathews will be moving on from this group. Nick asks Sharon her thoughts on this line-up and Sharon says she can’t share them because they’re dirty….uhh, ok? Anyway, it’s Taylor Mathews moving on!

Right away we move into the next grouping which includes Strikers All Stars, NU Covenant, and Prince Poppycock. As my wife breaks into a rendition of Figaro like Prince Poppycock, I think it’s safe to assume we’re both in agreement that Prince Poppycock is moving on. Piers thinks that Strikers All Stars and NU Covenant weren’t as good as they could have been, but says that Prince Poppycock has one of the best voices he’s ever heard. And moving on from the 3rd grouping is Prince Poppycock! Sharon gives a little fist pump and makes it quite obvious who she was rooting for. She says she’s a huge fan of Prince Poppycock and also says that America once again (as always) got it right.

Up after the next commercial break is Bret Michaels singing the classic song “Every Rose Has Its Thorn”. And yes, he’s wearing his signature hide-my-receding-hairline bandanna. I thought maybe there would be a love fest between him and Sharon after their time together on The Celebrity Apprentice, but Nick cut the chat short and we’re off to another commercial.

Tonight’s last group consists of Rudy Macaggi, ArcAttack, and Anna & Patryk. The wife says that she thinks Rudy is going through, while I think that ArcAttack will be moving on. Nick is ready to send one act home right now, and that act is Rudy Macaggi. The wife is so distraught she decided to go clean the kitchen ...

After a commercial break for the judges to deliberate their decision it’s now time to find out the last act to go through. Piers thinks that ArcAttack may have peaked last night while A&P have kept getting better and better, therefore he chooses Anna & Patryk. Howie still doesn’t think A&P have what it takes to be a headline act in Vegas, and thinks that for a live performance ArcAttack is where it’s at, so he chooses ArcAttack. Sharon thinks that these two acts are equally talented and thinks this is a very tough decision to make, but in the end chooses ArcAttack!

Nick Cannon finally tells us how the YouTube portion of the auditions will be included. There is one “America’s pick,” which is the top vote-getter from YouTube, and there will be 11 “judges' picks” that will compete.

There you have it America. Murray, Taylor Mathews, Prince Poppycock, and ArcAttack will be moving on to the semi-finals. Are you disappointed that your favorite act is out? Or did you pick the semi-finalists as I did? Join us next week for what should be an interesting “YouTube Show” and see what America has to offer that we haven’t already seen.

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