'America's Got Talent': YouTube semifinalists revealed

Chris in KS gives us the lowdown on tonight's America's Got Talent results show:

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the blog where we will find out which YouTubular acts will be moving on into the semi-finals. During the intro this evening, Nick Cannon tells us that we all need to stay tuned for next week when another twist will be added into the mix. Both the wife and I said “what??” at the same time. Can’t wait to find out what else is in store for us!

Tonight’s first group on stage is Pup, Pizza Patt, Maestro Alexander Bui, and comedian Austin Anderson. We’re perplexed as to how the logistics are going to work for tonight since they’ve called 4 acts up? The wife thinks Pizza Patt is going to be moving on, personally I’m convinced they’re going to pull a switcheroo and not put any of these 4 acts through, even though Nick says one of them will be going on, but if you put me on the spot I would guess Alexander Bui. And moving on from this first grouping is Maestro Alexander Bui!

Up after the commercial break is the online sensation and first season AGT performers Quick-Change. We didn’t watch the first season of AGT, so we found them to be pretty entertaining.

After yet another commercial break is yet another online sensation called The Evolution of Dance. During his performance the wife says that he should combine his act with Quick-Change and every time he starts doing a new dance he changes his outfit really fast, which I think is a fabulous idea!

Right away we got into yet another group where we will send another act on into the semi-finals. This group consists of the jump roping Dylan Plummer, Dan Sperry the creepy magician, and Booker Forte the copy-cat dancer. The wife and I are convinced that Dan Sperry is moving on. Nick waits the obligatory 30 seconds to tell us that it is indeed Dan Sperry moving on! And as it is announced, Howie runs away from the judges table because apparently he is still recovering from all those germs that Dan passed his way last night.

And up after the break is the owner of this year’s most watched video, Lin Yu Chun. He is singing one of my 2 most hated songs of all time “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston. The wife absolutely loves it, even though it seems to stretch on longer than my really bad day at work today. And it’s finally over, thank God!

Right away Nick is ready to call more acts out on stage. They are street fighter/dancer Ryan Rodriguez, and Jackie Evancho. The wife and I aren’t even going to bother making a selection here, it’s so painfully obvious that I almost feel sorry for Ryan Rodriguez. Instead of making selections the wife and I hypothesize about what a possible duel between Jackie Evancho and Prince Poppycock might sound like? Oh yeah, Jackie is obviously moving on.

The last group is made up of all 3 of the remaining singing acts, Plutonic, Cam Hodges, and Kristina Young. This should be another tough decision for the judges. The judges in this house think that Plutonic will be the act moving on. Right away Nick tells us that Plutonic is going home! Wow, that was a surprise to us for sure!

After the deliberation commercials, we are back to hear what the judges have decided on for the fourth and final act that will be moving into the semi-finals. Howie said both acts had a few mistakes, but both sounded very good last night, but he is going with his gut and has decided that Cam has the most potential. Sharon thinks that Cam is a good performer and that Kristina could be a very versatile performer, and based on that is choosing Kristina. Piers says that since we’ve only seen them both once, he is going to have to make his choice on a bet, and that being said he is going to place his money on Kristina.

There you have it America, your 4 YouTubular acts that will be moving into the semi-finals are Maestro Alexander Bui, Dan Sperry, Jackie Evancho, & Kristina Young. Nick tells us that next week there will be a wildcard show that features 12 acts that have been asked back 1 more time by the judges. These acts will be: Michael Grasso (magician), Connor Doran (indoor kite flyer), Swing Shift Side Show, Kruti Dance Academy, Michael Lipari and AshleighDejon (dancers), The Hot Shop Tap Dancers, RNG, CJ Dippa, Harmonica Pierre, Anna & Patryk (dancers), Doogie Horner, Rudi Macaggi.

So did your favorites move on tonight? Were you surprised by any of the selections? Let us know what you think! Join us next week for the wildcard show!

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