Wigginton facing three-game suspension (updated with quotes)

Ty Wigginton has been suspended three games and fined $2,500 for his actions Thursday night in the Orioles' 5-0 loss to the Minnesota Twins.

"Shocked, surprised," Wigginton said when learning of disciplinary action.

Wigginton will appeal the suspension, allowing him to play tonight against the Twins. He's batting third in the lineup and will play first base.

"I've never been suspended and it's only my second ejection that I can remember," Wigginton said. "The other one I just got a little fine and it was over with. This is the first time there's been anything else. We'll figure out how it works."

On Thursday, Wigginton ran screaming at first base umpire Gary Darling over a blown call at first and was face-to-face, chest-to-chest before Orioles manager Juan Samuel could intervene.

Darling said after the game that he had been bumped and that information would be in his report to the league office. Wigginton did not think he bumped Darling during the altercation.

"It wasn't like a definite bump. I feel like if I bump someone, they're going to move back," Wigginton said. "I know my jersey, I know I got as close as I could, I know you that can't bump an umpire. If I did and didn't realize it, my bad. But I think it was more of a brush if anything."

The official announcement of Wigginton's suspension should come at 5:30. The Orioles expect Samuel, who was also ejected last night, to be fined but not suspended.

Samuel said he reviewed the questionable play -- which clearly showed Wigginton tagging J.J. Hardy at first base -- but he didn't watch replays of the arguments.

"I tried not to," Samuel said. "I went home and started watching ESPN and when they brought it up, I changed channels."

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