The Smashing Pumpkins hecklers

There were more than a few hecklers in the crowd for last night's Smashing Pumpkins show at Rams Head Live (here's my review of the show). Something feisty must have been in the air, because people were hurling curse words at the stage -- at least from where I was standing near the back bar. Here are a few of the heckles I wrote down ...

Before the show started: "C'mon Billy, you're as old as I am. We don't stay up past 11. It's Monday night."

A few songs in: "Hey Corgan, suck my [ahem], son!"

Several minutes later: "It's good to see all of the four band members."

After 'Bullet With Butterfly Wings:' "Despite all my rage, there is still only one Pumpkin on stage!"

Hang tight for that review.

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