Saturday storms dropped 7 inches on St. Michaels

Saturday's rainstorms produced widespread street flooding in St. Michaels. I know because I had to detour through the village to get around the high water. So did plenty of other motorists. It took us a half hour to get through. Firefighters manned the intersections and roadblocks. Easy to see why folks there don't have basements.

But it wasn't until I checked the rainfall totals tonight that I finally understood what we had experienced. St. Michaels recorded 7.7 inches of rain in the 24 hours ending at 8 a.m. Sunday. That's the equivalent of two month's rain in a day.

The heaviest rain seems to have been concentrated in a very small area of Talbot County. Here are more rain totals from CoCoRaHS.  Other spots in Talbot saw 3.5 inches or less, while the Baltimore region recorded only a quarter- to a half-inch. Amazing.

The rainfall map above reflects all rain for the week ending Sunday July 11. Orange indicates 4 inches or more. Red is 5 inches and up.

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