Coaster sticking to your pint glass? Pour salt on it.

And now, another installment of Weird Drinking Tips Sam Just Learned:

Last night, I met my good friend Miguel (who happens to have his own stellar nightlife blog) in Washington for drinks. Our server set our beers down on the coasters in front of us, and we lifted our glasses for a toast.

For a moment, Miguel's coaster stuck to his beer glass, and he gingerly plucked it off. It's annoying, but I've begun to accept sticky coasters and napkins as part of going out. 

That's when Miguel showed me the secret to ending sticky beer coasters forever: Pour a little salt on them ...

He snatched a salt shaker and dumped a little bit on his coaster. At first, I thought he was going to dump salt in his IPA (like the dudes did at that Latino bar), which would have been a travesty.

Then I saw he was just sprinkling salt on his coaster. It's a trick he learned from a dude in an airport bar, who was shaking salt onto his napkin. 

Lo and behold, it worked. Miguel's coaster didn't stick anymore for the rest of the night, even though we ordered a couple more rounds. Sweet, huh? No wait -- salty, huh?

(Photo by me)

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