Chugging Das Boot at Captain Larry's

After THE (midnight sun) SITUATION, a small group of die hard blog faithfuls retreated to Captain Larrys for a few nightcaps.

Among them were Kateebee, Evan, Fenton and Evan Haga. We started with a few drafts -- nothing too heavy. Then we spotted something that would irreparably change our night: Das Boot.

Das Boot sat a few feet away on the back bar, silently taunting us. It looked kinda grody, like someone had rubbed their face with their hands and then wiped their hands on it.

At least, that's how I remember it looking, but my memories became fuzzy shortly thereafter ...

Someone -- I think it was Fenton -- insisted our bartender clean off Das Boot before we filled it up with beer. If I'm not mistaken, this was Evan's Das Boot to begin with. He brought it there. Or something. What matters is that it was there, and it took about five Natty Bohs to fill it.

Once Das Boot was filled, we passed it around so everybody could chug-a-lug. There is no sipping Das Boot. There is only chugging.

I'm a bad chugger, though. I'm more of a glugger. I take huge gulps and swallow them, which leads to back-washing, which is a good thing I went second to last.

In this photo, it looks like Das Boot is kicking me in the face. It did. And then it kicked me in the liver. But I survived, which makes me stronger.

(Photo by ... Evan? Kateebee?)

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