'Big Brother' recap: Dollars and nonsense

Tonight, welcome new recappers Jeff and Tracey, who are helping out with Big Brother. Welcome, guys!!:

Previously, Annie went home, Rachel won HoH and nominated Monet and Britney.

Since this show shows so many confessionals, I have created a shorthand verb -- DRs -- to refer to them talking/explaining/complaining in the DR (diary room).

Britney DRs that she thinks that Rachel's excuse about Britney being in an alliance against her and Brendon is stupid because everyone in the house is against Rachel and Brendon. Monet DRs that Rachel is threatened by Monet and Monet says she wants to punch Rachel in the face.

Hayden DRs that the Brigade is pumped that they are safe from nominations.

In the house, Britney and Monet cry, complain about being on the block, and make fun of Rachel, calling her, among other things, a "stupid hooker."

Rachel knows that those girls don't have her back and they aren't friends, but she still feels bad about nominating them.

Brendon and Rachel talk in the HoH, she cries about the noms, and he tries to make her feel better.

Meanwhile, more trash-talking outside by Britney and Monet -- I guess they forgot they voted to save her. (SKK: Man, that really was a lot of trash-talking.)

Later, Matt tells people that his wife has melariatosis, a weird bone disease.  She does not have this disease, but Matt hopes to gain sympathy from housemates by saying he is going to use the money for surgery for his wife.  Matt DRs he is playing the house and that he will make a donation to this disease if he does win.  Podiatrist Andrew is skeptical about the disease. (SKK: I'd like to introduce Matt to something called KARMA.)

Veto time.  The players are Rachel, Monet, Britney, Brandon, Lane, and Enzo.  Ragan hosts.  They are dressed in suits and have to go in the BB stocks.  The person who stays in the stocks closest to one hour without going over wins the Golden Power of Veto.  Partway into the competition, a contraption starts turning like a fan and hitting them in the face with a dollar bill.  Monet comments that there are 60 seconds in a minute and 60 minutes in an hour, so she needs to count 1200.  Yikes!  Rachel the chemist can multiply and knows she needs to get to 3600.

The results are:

Rachel 1:15:07
Monet 1:15:06
Brendon 1:06:04
Lane 1:01:24
Enzo 1:00:14
Britney 52:28

Brtiney wins!  Now Rachel has to nominate someone else.  Britney and Monet want her to put up Andrew.  Rachel considers.  Matt offers himself up as a pawn, as long as he can pretend to be surprised and it is made clear he is a pawn.  Brendon thinks that is the better plan. Much hangwringingng ensues.  Who will she nominate?  She doesn't want anyone to be angry with her.  Honey, no one likes you anyway.

Veto ceremony.  Britney uses it on herself (duh!), Rachel nominates Matt.  I think he is safe -- he only needs five votes for a tie breaker and he has Andrew, Lane, Enzo, Hayden, and Brendon for sure.

We see Kristen and Kathy for the first time the entire episode, giving out post veto hugs.

Who will be sent home?  Who will be the new HoH?  What will Julie Chen be wearing?  Find out LIVE tomorrow!

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