Toys R Us wants you to start saving for the holidays now

Get your holiday shopping list out now.

That's what Toys R Us wants you to do at least. And yes, they know it's June.

The toy retailer is launching a Christmas Savers Club to urge shoppers to start saving for their holiday purchases now. You simply put money towards the card so when it's time to shop for the kids' gifts, you'll have money stashed away.

The company is limiting what can be saved on the card to $2,500. Shoppers will get a 3 percent bonus, based on what they saved, added to the card in October.

Christmas Savers Clubs are just one way of putting aside money for purchases. Just make sure you wouldn't get a better return using a savings account with a good interest rate and that you aren't being charged any exorbitant fees. There don't seem to be any fees charged to use the Toys R Us program.

But in using the program, you are pretty much promising to spend your money at Toys R Us. You might not want to participate if there's any indication you may decide not to shop there. You can also use the card at Babies R. Us.

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