The Tiki Barge is a summertime hit

Yesterday afternoon, I swung by the new Tiki Barge, which, I believe, is Baltimore's first floating tiki bar/pool combo.

I'll bet they're making a mint. Every harbor-side neighborhood should have one of these.

The Tiki Barge has two levels, an upper deck with a rectangular bar and a sweeping view of the harbor, and a lower level with a swimming pool, lounge chairs and another bar. 

You can drink at the upstairs bar for free, or pay $10 to get into the pool level. The $10 admission fee also gets you one drink of your choice. ...

I stayed on the upper level and people watched. A strawberry daiquiri made with Bacardi and mixer, was $7. Whatever mixer they used was pulpy and seedy, which I liked.

As you might imagine, Tiki Bar was packed, but not overloaded. A guy was grilling and flipping burgers for $5 in the lower level, and most of the plastic pool chairs were occupied. 

From a distance, Tiki Barge looks like a ship. They're even flying a pirate flag, as well as an American flag, and I counted six or seven real palm trees planted on the barge.

After one visit, I'm nominating Tiki Barge for Bar of the Year. It's a brilliant concept -- taking an old floating barge with a swimming pool and turning it into a sweaty weather destination. Genius.

(Photo courtesy of Tiki Barge's Facebook page)

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