Minus5 ice bar & lounge coming to Power Plant Live

Minus5, an ice bar and lounge, is set to open in Power Plant Live later this week.

I'm still waiting to hear from Minus5's marketing rep, but Power Plant Live's Chris Furst confirmed it.

According to Minus5's website, everything inside the lounge, from the bar to the glasses and furniture, is made of Canadian ice. The concept comes from New Zealand, and the only other U.S. location is in Las Vegas.

Apparently, it's called Minus5 because the constant temperature inside is 27 degrees Fahrenheit. Every 6-8 weeks, an ice carver comes in and totally redoes the inside of the place.

Everyone who walks into Minus5 gets an insulated jacket, gloves and boots. They've got a ton of specialty drinks.

When I lived in Kansas City, there was a lounge named Vivace with an ice-topped bar not too far from my apartment. I went there a few times with the Kansas City Star's nightlife writer ...

If I remember correctly, the top of the bar was a long slab of ice, with lights underneath that made it glow different colors.

People would carve their names in the ice with keys, and have contests to see who could keep their hands on the ice the longest. Every 15 minutes or so, the bartender would toss some water on top, which would freeze and re-coat the bar. It even helped keep your beers cold.

I Googled Vivace this morning, and it looks like it closed. Guess the novelty wore off. 

I'll keep you posted when I hear back from Minus5's camp.

(Photo courtesy of Minus5's website)

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