Midweek musical moment from Mozart's 'Zaide' (and a way for me to buy time)

I got back from Toronto Tuesday just in time to trek to Virginia for a rare production of Mozart's "Zaide" by Wolf Trap Opera. I'll have more to say about this imaginative venture as soon as I catch my breath, but I've got to head out today to do some footwork on a story I'm writing for Sunday's paper.

I don't want you to feel blog post-deprived, though, so I figured I could try to buy your indulgence (and some time) by offering a clip of the exquisite "Ruhe sanft" aria from "Zaide," which I think may be one of the most exquisite of Mozart's many exquisite creations. And this performance, well, it's pretty darn exquisite, too -- Beverly Sills at her peak, luxuriating in a spacious tempo that would never be sanctioned in today's opera world.

This is not to say the aria has to be sung like this, or even that it should be (I'm not immune to historical authenticity). And I hasten to add that soprano Hana Park does a lovely job with it at a brisker pace in the Wolf Trap production. Anyway, I'll get back to that staging as soon as I can.

Meanwhile, please enjoy this midweek musical interlude from the divine Bubbles Silverman:

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