Is this Trembley's last game?

When the Orioles take the field today at Yankee Stadium, there is a growing likelihood that Dave Trembley will be managing the team for the last time.

I know you’ve heard that before. It’s maddening for everyone involved, especially Trembley, the baseball lifer who has done his best trying to keep his composure as the team implodes and speculation of his departure increases.

Nothing is official right now. It won’t be until after Trembley meets face to face with President of Baseball Operations Andy MacPhail.

MacPhail is not on the New York trip, so that potential meeting will occur in Baltimore and is expected to happen before Friday’s game at home against the Boston Red Sox. That could mean sometime tonight when the club returns home from New York City or Friday morning.

We’re careful not to speculate too much on such sensitive matters, especially when a good man’s livelihood is at stake. But we were told by a source familiar with MacPhail’s line of thinking that Thursday night or Friday morning is the most likely timeline. And we were told that before the team lost seven in a row (heading into Thursday).

We were also told that the Orioles will temporarily hire from within, likely promoting third base coach Juan Samuel to the interim post, though bench coach Jeff Datz is another possibility. Again, nothing is official yet. That decision may still be pending.

One thing we know for sure is that MacPhail’s plan, at least currently, is to conduct a search this season with the interim manager likely being just that, a placeholder until a permanent replacement is made. We don’t know what the timeline of that will be. Only MacPhail and principal owner Peter Angelos know the answer to that question.

This much is certain: MacPhail has a strong relationship with the commissioner’s office, so he will do this by the book, interviewing multiple candidates, including at least one minority, before making a decision. It would be a surprise if it were someone without previous managerial experience.

That’s the best update we can give you at this time. But it is fair to say this saga is closer to completion than it has been in the past.

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