Eventful night

My friend Danny Knobler of CBSsports.com pointed out a couple of minutes ago that today would have been a perfect day if the Orioles had wanted to get some bad news out of the way under the cover of more important stories around the major leagues.

The problems of the losingest team in baseball wouldn't have amounted to much in the headline department on the same day that certain Hall of Famer Ken Griffey announced his retirement and Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Gallaraga had a perfect game snatched away from him on the apparent last play by what appeared to be a terrible umpiring call.

Of course, that's an outrage, but there will come a time when the blown call will make the game more memorable than if Jim Joyce had made the right one. It would have been the third perfect game this year and the 21st in major league history, but Gallaraga will always be remembered as the guy who pitched the perfect game that wasn't.

He'll be remembered like Pirates pitcher Harvey Haddix, who pitched 12 perfect innings against the Milwaukee Braves in 1959 before losing the perfect game, the no-hitter, the shutout and the game in the 13th inning,

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