Waverly Market report

Alan Morstein of Regi's graciously provides today's Waverly Farmer's Market report. Think of it as a road map for the market under the JFX if you're heading there for opening day tomorrow. Here's Alan. LV

Today @ Waverly:

Gunpowder Bison Trading Company features great for the grill Buffalo Burgers (cook to med-rare) no fat and will over cook quickly. Italian, Sage and Sweet Buffalo sausage look like a good idea for this weekend.

Local produce today: mint, spring onions, red and green leaf lettuce, parsley, spinach, Swiss chard, chives, scallions, spring onions, Boston lettuce, rhubarb and plenty of local asparagus in all sizes, although you have to ask since some asparagus on display is from New Jersey.

Tom McCartney, a.k.a. "The Bean Man," was the only vendor to present local strawberries from the Eastern Shore. He called them "Sweet Charlie's." They are smaller than the North Carolina strawberries, however much sweeter and more fragrant.

All the other produce is on rental from Florida.

Sun photo by Kim Hairston

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