Taps is for sale

First off, keep in mind: Given the right price, every bar is for sale.

That said, for the low low low price of $375,000, you can own "a Federal Hill landmark," according to the ad for the South Baltimore bar Taps.

Wait! Don't leave us, Taps! We were just getting to know you.

Why, it seems like just yesterday when Taps opened. The bar at the corner of Charles Street and Fort Avenue was going to have a ton of taps -- even wine on tap.

After an agonizing wait, they only installed 17 taps, and, sadly, no wine on tap ...

Make no mistake, 17 taps is a formidable amount. But co-owner Dave Holter made it seem like Taps was going to be the Max's of South Baltimore. So how could we help but feel disappointed when all we got were 17?

A series of unfortunate events made matters even worse.

Who could forget the profane sign posted outside Taps on Easter Sunday, which angered neighborhood residents? Or Holter's arrest for allegedly pulling a knife on a bouncer from nearby Mother's Grille. 

It's sad when any bar owners can't make it work, regardless of the reason. I'll keep you posted if/when Taps sells. According to the ad, the "owner must sell to relocate."

(Photo from the ad)

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