Sound and light from plodding T-storms

It took them a while to get fired up, but last night's slow-moving thunderstorms finally put on quite a sound and light show for Central Maryland.

We watched the lighting lace through the clouds east of the WeatherDeck in Cockeysville for a while before bed, then listened to the boomers and watched the light flickering off the walls well into the night. Beautiful. And very tropical.

Bill Stifler, in Hampden, had the presence of mind to set up his camera, and he captured some terrific images. Here's Bill:

"As I write, there's an even bigger storm getting ready to roll through. (It's about 11 p.m.) Gotta run and see if I can catch anything from this storm. Attached (below) are the two I felt came out the best."

He went outside again and nailed the shot at the top of this post. He said:

"Needless to say, it was a close strike. It's a good thing that the camera was on a long exposure, because the strikes were so close around the time that this picture was taken, that I was flinching every thirty seconds or so because of the intensity of the light and the incredible volume of the thunder."

Here are the other two:

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