Resurrection in cans to arrive mid-week

Behold: A sea of canned gloriousness.

Can after can of Resurrection Ale sits, waiting to be shipped and sipped.

The shipping starts today, according to Tom Creegan of Brewer's Art, and should arrive mid-week.

Creegan and the rest of the Brewer's Art boys are gonna shotgun the first one, and play beer pong with the next few.

"That way, it'll all be done," Creegan said.

Ooooo! ...

Despite earlier worries, it looks like Brewer's Art decided to go with the design they showed Midnight Sun last month.

I'll check on the price, but I'm guessing it's still going to be about $10 per six-pack. And I'll try and get a list of places that will have it. But I'll bet it's safe to say the cans will be sold wherever the 750-milliliter bottles of Resurrection are sold.

So don't pester Brewer's Art with calls. Stay tuned and I'll share all the info with you here.

(Photo courtesy of Tom Creegan)

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