Pick-your-own figs?

I pass along an interesting item that popped up recently on the Google group Baltimore Food Makers. The post seeks basic fig-tree info, but it also raises an interesting question: why aren't there any pick-your-own fig farms out there? LV

More a gardening question than a food question, but since we all live in the same region, I was hoping someone would have helpful info. Does anyone have a fig tree? Do you wrap it in the winter? Is it a specific variety that has done well in this area?

Also, are there any varieties that tend to stay on the small side? I'm thinking about putting one in, but don't have a ton of sunny space. Although I assume I could just prune it to keep it from getting too large. I've also considered doing one in a large pot that goes in the basement in the winter, which I hear can work well, but it seems like moving it in and out and finding room in the tiny unheated section of my basement could be a pain in the butt.

Or ... are there any places that do "pick your own" figs? I've never heard of one. I'd really like access to lots of affordable fresh figs to make preserves, but I rarely see them available for sale anywhere.

I guess the perfect solution might be finding a friend who happens to have a tree on their property that they're not interested in harvesting, although that's probably not the case with any of you :)

I'm considering asking on Freecycle as weird as it will sound. Also...what month are figs ripe in Maryland? 

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