Club 410: messy messy messy

It's hard to keep a bad bar down.

Remember Club 410? The liquor board yanked its license and city police padlocked its front door after all kinds of crazy stuff went down. But that didn't stop Club 410 from throwing a big party this past weekend. They even hired security guards with loaded weapons and police vests. In your face, Baltimore! ...

The dude who threw the party at the club argued that since they had a cover charge at the party, it was legal. Nuh uh, said liquor board chairman Stephan Fogleman. Dig this, from Peter Hermann's Crime blog:

Fogleman told me this morning that he researched the issue and it is illegal for any alcohol to be served when a cover is being charged. He told me authorities do not have to prove that the cover was for alcohol -- the mere fact there was a charge to get inside means the club owner violated the liquor board rules.

I wonder what the liquor board/cops are going to do now? Padlock it again? Revoke the liquor license? What a mess.

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