Carlito released by WWE due to Wellness Policy violation

Even though it was his first Wellness Policy violation, Carlito (Carlos Colon) was released by WWE for his subsequent refusal to attend a rehabilitation facility, the company announced on its Web site.

Under the guidelines of WWE’s program, the penalty for a first offense is a 30-day suspension. Three violations results in termination. In a similar situation to Carlito’s, the late Umaga (Edward Fatu) was released last year for his refusal to go to rehab after his second violation.

Carlito, who had been with WWE since 2004, had the reputation of being a talented performer whose lack of motivation prevented him from rising above the mid-card. He and his brother, Primo, reunited as a heel tag team a couple weeks ago, but it did not seem as if they were in line for a significant push.

Carlito, 31, reportedly asked WWE for his release in 2007 due to frustration over the direction of his character, but was talked into staying. There was speculation around that time that he was bound for TNA.

It wouldn’t surprise anyone if he ended up in TNA now that he is a free agent, although there is talk that TNA will be reducing its talent payroll imminently.

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