Bleachers has been sold, new owners to take over

The East Baltimore sports bar Bleachers has new owners, who plan to open (wait for it) another sports bar there.

They're not sure of the name yet, according to co-owner Scott Copinger. The business trade name is Goodfellas, but Copinger isn't sure if that's the best name for a sports bar ...

"We like Goodfellas but I'm not sure we're going to stick with that," he said. "We want to send out the right connotation to the name."

Copinger wants to lure back the community sports teams from nearby Patterson Park, as well as the pool league which used to be at Bleachers. He's been tossing around ideas for nightly specials such as trivia and karaoke but hasn't settled on anything yet.

"We've got a ton of ideas," he said. "We're pretty excited about it."

"You should name it Fumbles -- the sports bar where even losers win," I said. He just laughed. I don't think he liked my idea. Sniffle.

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