Why Elliott's Pour House will not host THE (midnight sun) SITUATION

Much to the disappointment to all the Elliott's Pour House fans who posted 7,500 comments about how awesome the Brewer's Hill neighborhood bar is, I'm not holding THE (midnight sun) SITUATION there.

Sorry, guys.

Normally, when people spam me about a bar or a band, I boycott them immediately for at least six months.

This time, I didn't want to get all judge-y on Elliott's until I'd been there ...

It's a cool little neighborhood bar with a fun vibe and a bunch of beers on tap. If I lived over there, I'd go on a regular basis. My pal CJ and I went on a Sunday, when all the beers on tap were $4. Mmm! I had a draft Loose Cannon and a Dale's Pale Ale. Finally, a place with Dale's Pale Ale!

I'd heard rumors about a popcorn machine dispensing free buttery kernels for customers, but didn't see it.

But I'm not about to have THE (midnight sun) SITUATION there. It's just not big enough. The Midnight Sun crew wouldn't have room to breathe if we went there. Or maybe my ego is too big for Elliott'. 

Something like 40 people showed up to the first Midnight Sun event, at Idle Hour. Then, 75-odd folks showed up to the second event, at Brewer's Art. Same goes for the one at Bad Decisions.

Elliott's Pour House would just be too cramped. Maybe we'll do a Midnight Sun micro-event, like a beer/liquor/wine tasting there. Just not THE (midnight sun) SITUATION.

(Photo courtesy of Elliott's Pour House's Web site)

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