Is your tween a texting addict?

R U ready 4 Tween Tuesday? Liz Atwood wants to know about your tween's texting habits:

A new Pew Research study found that text-messaging among teens and tweens has skyrocketed in the past 18 months. The study found that three-quarters of kids ages 12-17 use cell phones and that texting is the preferred method of communication. These texters average 50 texts a day – older girls text on average a 100 times a day. More than half of them have sent a text message during class.

I saw a CNN report on this study that featured a number of tweens and teens who admitted to be addicted to texting. My boys have their issues with video games. Currently, we’re under a video game embargo at my house because they have been overdoing the games at the expense of their studies. But texting is not something either one likes to do. Both of them have phones that they rarely use. I’m not sure why my boys who love the Xbox and computer aren’t into texting, but I’m glad that’s one behavior I don’t have to monitor.

Is your tween part of the texting revolution? Have you had to set limits on how much your tween texts?

Photo by Baltimore Sun photographer Amy Davis

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