She's the quiz-master

Since taking over Final Score Trivia in 2007, Christy Wnuk-Fink has written more than 12,000 questions for the 20-some games played each week in Greater Baltimore.

Think about that for a second. 12,000 questions. It's a full time job, she says, and Final Score Trivia is the biggest live trivia company in the state.

Wnuk-Fink, who lives in Laurel, pours through reference books every week, searching for little bits of information that might make good questions.

Today's nightlife column is all about Wnuk-Fink and Final Score Trivia ...

Some of the questions Wnuk-Fink comes up with are serious head-scratchers.

For instance: "Within one either way, how many countries share a land border with Gabon?" I didn't even know what Gabon was (it's a country in Africa), let alone how many neighbors it has (three: Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea and Congo).

Feel dumb yet? I do. But I feel that way a lot.

The flamingo next to Christy in the photo is named Victory. At some of the Final Score games, whichever team wins gets to put Victory on their table the following week.

"It's a badge of honor," Wnuk-Fink said.

Damn right.

(Baltimore Sun photo by Colby Ware)

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