Pick your favorite custom XLerator for Pub Dog

Witness the power of Midnight Sun.

A few days ago, I wrote about Pub Dog's crappy hand dryer. Then, the kindly folks at Excel Dryer saw my first post and offered to donate a free custom XLerator to the Federal Hill bar. 

They Excel Dryer crew made four different mock ups of custom XLerators with Pub Dog's logo, and sent them to me. I narrowed it down to three (the fourth one looks just like the black one, only it's white).

My favorite is the half-beer, half-bubbly head one with the Pub Dog logo up top. I'm calling it XLerator No. 1.

I have also uploaded potential XLerator Nos. 2 and 3 for your enjoyment. Let's have a vote: Which one do you like the best? ...

Obviously, the bar gets the final say, but maybe (just maybe) they'll be swayed by Midnight Sunners.

Pub Dog owner Steve Osmond has still not returned my multiple phone messages. Steve! Where are you, Steve? Call me!

In the meantime, tell me which one you like best.

The black one, XLerator No. 2, is sleek and mysterious, but I don't know if it fits Pub Dog's decor.

And, at the very bottom, we have XLerator No. 3, which is filled to the brim with beautiful, delicious beer. I don't like it as much as XLerator No. 1. But that's just me.

As previously noted, the fourth one is the white version of XLerator No. 2. So if you like the idea of an all-white XLerator, just cast your vote for No. 4.

Oh, and I'm also taking write-in suggestions. The more random, the better.

Chrome would be cool. You could just replace the mirror with the XLerator, and admire your handsome (or gorgeous) reflection in the hand dryer. The only downside? The staff would have to take shifts polishing the chrome four or five times a day, and they might not be up to the task.

Just a thought.

(Photos courtesy of Excel Dryer)

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