Now hear this: Workshop on neighborhood noise

Apologies for the late notice, but there's a workshop Monday (4/19) afternoon in Baltimore on "community noise." That's the racket in urban and suburban areas that can disrupt sleep and peace of mind, even health.  If you're stressed by aircraft, traffic or other commotion in your neighborhood, this session may well be worth your time. 

From 1:30 until 5:00 PM, experts from the Institute of Noise Control Engineering and the Acoustical Society of America will be on hand to discuss the problem and ways to address it in the Atlantic Room of the Baltimore Marriot Waterfront Hotel, 700 Aliceanna Street.   It's free and open to the public, which is invited to come and express its views about the issue and the adequacy of state and local noise ordinances.  For directions, go here.

(1996 Baltimore Sun file photo by Lloyd Fox)

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